The Emmy & Telly Award–Winning Show is Back!

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New Inventors. New Judges. New Format.

For four seasons beginning in 2006, Everyday Edisons thrilled audiences nationwide, giving them a front-row seat to the triumphs and challenges of everyday inventors working to bring their innovative products to market. Now Edison Nation is relaunching the Emmy and Telly Award–winning show, with a twist: this time, each episode will feature three new inventors who will compete to have their product supported by Edison Nation. The viewing audience will stand alongside the everyday innovators as they are mentored by industry leaders and refine their pitches for the panel of celebrity judges.

How Is Everyday Edisons Different?

While there are other reality tv series on which inventors compete to scale their products, many of them focus primarily on the competitive aspect itself. Although Everyday Edisons is a competition, the show was primarily created to educate and support inventors as they navigate the often long and winding path of bringing their inventions to market. By focusing on the educational aspects of the invention process and the inspirational stories of ordinary entrepreneurs bringing extraordinary ideas to life, Everyday Edisons stands alone among inventor-centric programming.

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