Everyday Edisons Team

Ever wonder what it takes to run this ship? Find out more about the people who work behind the scenes at Everyday Edisons.

Louis Foreman | Executive Producer and Lead Judge

Louis Foreman | Executive Producer and Lead Judge

Louis Foreman is an inventor, product developer, innovator and entrepreneur. In 20 years, Louis has created nine successful startups and has been responsible for the creation of over 20 more. He’s been called upon by Congress to share his views on patent reform, by USA Today for commentary on entrepreneurship and to address schools and universities to promote innovation.

Michael Cable | Host and Narrator

Michael Cable | Host and Narrator

Michael Cable is one of a handful of journalists recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Throughout his career in broadcast journalism, Michael has garnered more than 100 awards. An 11-time Emmy® award winner, he has also been awarded the Edward R. Murrow Award, National Headliner Award and the Society of Professional Journalists Green Eyeshade Award.


Executive Producers:
Louis Foreman, Todd Stancombe

Co-Executive Producer:
Matt Spangard

Supervising Producer:
Larry DeLeon

Elyse Williams


Production Coordinator:
Julia Cody

Michael Cable

Post Production:

Executive in Charge of Production, WTVI:
Regina Berry

Senior Editor:
Lewis Dameron

Corey Utke

Daniel Cordero, Corey Utke, Lewis Dameron, Jamie Gay, Rory Holder


Audio Mixer:
Corey Utke

Original Score:
Anthony Short

Field Mixers:
Lewis Dameron, Corey Utke


Lewis Dameron

Still Photographers:
Ryan Gorman, Matthew Wynn, Art Henson

Design & Animation:
Jamie Byers, Digital Hyper Studios, LLC

Product Development

Alexa Adams
Daniel Bizzell
Jeff Browning
Eddie Burklin
C. Christopher Clark
Kevin Dahlquist
Emily Dillinger
Mary Dickson
Scott Dromms
Kayley Duval
Chris Engler
Louis Foreman
Chris Gabriel
Ryan Gorman
Art Henson
Rich Holmes
Jason Huneycutt
Stuart Johnson
Ian Kovacevich
Kim Langdon

Jeremy Losaw
Rae McNeil
Tru Nguyen
Kalpana Patel
Kenneth Paulus
Carlos Perez
Juan Pimental
Jim Powell
Tom Philpott
Kirk Richey
Anna Schau
Kara Sheaffer
Andrea Simon
Matt Spangard
Todd Stancombe
Mike Starkey
Chad D. Tillman
James D. Wright
Matthew Wynn

Casting Call Judges

Christine Aguilera
Jon Dudas
Louis Foreman


Brian Besterman
Rachel Johnson
Laura Jones
Alex Parker
Dana Shelton
Nathan Warren
Erik Button
Troi Cabbell
Johnny Darling
DeAnn Mitchell
Linana Majors
Jim Ryan
Nicholas Sailer