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The 24 inventors on the new season come from all walks of life and all parts of the country. With their one-of-a-kind products, they aim to make household routines easier, protect pets, improve healthcare, bring new twists to recreation, and much more. What do they all have in common? A belief in their idea and the drive to do whatever it takes to bring it to life.

Read on for some fun facts about our new Everyday Edisons:

Thom Cicchelli

Hailing from Chicago, inventor Thom Cicchelli is no stranger to competition. In fact, in 2003 his design was chosen from over 6,000 entries to be featured on the 2003 Illinois state quarter!

Valerie Guglielmo

Inventor Valerie Guglielmo comes to Everyday Edisons from Chester, CT. She once had a gig drawing winning numbers for the Connecticut lottery on TV! Will she hit the jackpot on Everyday Edisons?

Vida Jimenez

From Chicago, inventor Vida Jimenez is an animal lover who is proud to be an American!

Dr. Alisa Kauffman

Alisa is a geriatric dentist from New York City who has attended every Knicks home game since 1995!

Bryan Stoddard

To support his inventing career, inventor Bryan Stoddard became an overnight Uber driver in Los Angeles. He kept a log of all his rides and has a ton of stories!

Marvin Blaine

Inventor Marvin Blaine comes to Everyday Edisons from Los Angeles. A lifelong inventor, at age 11 he created a device that would allow him to attach his radio to his bike!

Amy Kresser

Inventor Amy Kresser loves her career as a chemistry, biology, and anatomy teacher in Sandusky, OH!

Bill and Dianne Thiel

Bill and Dianne Thiel hail from Sterling Heights, MI. Their mantra for life is “Live, Love, Laugh!”

Kerrie Cardon

Inventor Kerrie Cardon is an architect and former nurse living in Whitefish, MT. But in her spare time, she’s quite the thrill-seeker: she once performed a barrel roll while piloting a stunt plane!

Howard Halen

Inventor Howard Halen lives in West Hills, CA, where he and his wife Liz are country music junkies!

Ralph Haney

A prolific innovator from Petaluma, CA, inventor Ralph Haney once rocked out in a reggae band!

Sanjeev Singh

Inventor Sanjeev Singh comes to Everyday Edisons from Alpharetta, GA. An avid reader, his favorite book is The Alchemist, and he has himself published a book, titled Duality Innovation!

Kate O’Malley

Residing in River Forest, IL, inventor Kate O’Malley enjoys golf and recently scored a hole in one!

Greg Myracle

Inventor Greg Myracle lives in Orange, VA, where he authored the children’s book Herbert Butterwinkle and the Sunshine Surprise!

David Spence

In his home city of Miami, inventor David Spence loves dogs, cooking, and watching cooking shows!

Sandra Whitted

Inventor Sandra Whitted comes to Everyday Edisons from Homewood, IL. The Everyday Edisons family is only slightly bigger than her own: Sandra is one of nineteen children!

Ryan Bricker

Dallas inventor Ryan Bricker once climbed to the top of an Egyptian pyramid!

Deborah McCullough

Inventor Deborah McCullough hails from Douglasville, GA. After her best friend revealed that she had breast cancer, Deborah decided to get tested and learned that she also had it. She credits her friend with making her a cancer survivor as of 2010!

Sugar McMillian

Inventor Sugar McMillian of Elkridge, MD, has worn many other hats: after serving in the military and becoming a firefighter, he later became a therapist to help Baltimore-area families!

Fred Goldfarb

Today, inventor Fred Goldfarb lives in San Anselmo, CA, but for six years his home was in Nicaragua. While there, he started a nonprofit working with rural communities and opened a farmers market and nursery!

Tumi Oredein

Hailing from Akron, OH, inventor Tumi Oredein brings an air of royalty to Everyday Edisons. He holds the rank of prince in his father’s hometown in Nigeria!

Richard W. McChesney

Staunton, Virginia inventor Richard McChesney served in the Marine Corps in Cherry Point, NC, and Washington, DC. He once took first place in the left-handed division of the 166-185 pound class arm wrestling contest at the Commonwealth Games of Virginia!

Frank McElligott

Inventor Frank McElligott is a former policeman from Plano, TX. During his career, he worked undercover as a drug dealer and hit man!

Thomas Jordan

Compton, CA inventor Thomas Jordan isn’t the only star in his family—Snoop Dogg is his cousin!

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