Aaron Tang

Shaking Alarm Clock | Somerville, MA.

Aaron Tang is an experienced industrial designer who pushed the boundaries of technology and design when he created his feisty alarm clock. Aaron designed a clock that could shake, ring and encourage even the heaviest of sleepers to bounce out of bed. He pitched his working prototype to the Everyday Edisons product experts on Jan. 20, 2007, in Washington, D.C., with hopes of seeing his model developed into tomorrow’s must-have alarm clock.

Aaron’s zest for industrial design began at an early age and was further developed through his education at the Rhode Island School of Design and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Industrial design enables him to approach any challenge or topic, learn about it and create an innovative solution to the problem. He currently lives just outside of Boston in Somerville, MA., and is also an experienced violinist, who enjoys playing tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, blogging, and above all else, eating, which he likes to blame on the Food Network! Since his high school days in Lawrence, KS., most of Aaron’s friends have called him “Tango.” As a professional industrial designer and independent inventor, Aaron will flick, flip, pull and tear apart anything that sparks his curiosity.