Bill Simmons & Randy Hatfield

Cord-X | New Bern, NC.

Bill Simmons is a retired disabled veteran, and like most Americans, was always overwhelmed with the clutter created by numerous cords leading to electrical outlets. He has moved from house to house throughout his life and is always annoyed when it’s time to install his TV and Stereo system. He knew there should be a safer way of storing all of the wires, so with the help of his longtime friend, Randy Hatfield, he morphed similar ideas and concepts to develop the smart solution Bill brought from their coastal roots in New Bern, N.C., to the Everyday Edisons casting call in Washington, D.C.

After serving as a Marine, Bill had tried his hand in several fields including candle manufacturing and video production. He was even a sail boat delivery captain. Needless to say, he had no problem deciding to add ‘inventor’ to his long résumé. Randy is a property manager and investor by vocation, but he considers building and remodeling his first career. This certainly gave them the background they needed to develop a working model to their solution, which they named the “Cord-X.” He and Bill often play golf together and claim they even conduct their board meetings on the golf course.

Randy doesn’t like to boast much, but once their product is complete he’ll surely have something to write home about!