Bob Lemire

Picture Leveling Frame | Kings Park, NY.

When Bob Lemire wants to make his wife happy, he certainly puts forth his best effort. When Bob realized his wife wanted the pictures in their dining room to be hung perfectly level, he began the typical battle with levels, tape measures and pencil marks on the wall. After making numerous holes in his wall, he set his mind to the task of creating a solution: a frame consisting of three screws for the user to adjust the picture after it is mounted on the wall. With a working model in hand, he decided to head to the Washington, D.C., casting call where he was selected as a finalist.

The retired nuclear engineer is no stranger to hanging pictures. In addition to working part-time at The Home Depot, he provides picture hanging services for a variety of locations and homes. He has hung pictures in an Empire State Building office, as well as the “Pink Floyd” house in the Hamptons on Long Island.

Bob is no novice inventor. He uses his free time to work on prototypes in his Kings Park, N.Y., basement and he has dedicated much of his time to research ways to detect breast cancer and prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Bob was a founding member of the New York Society of Professional Inventors and wrote an op-ed article published in The New York Times entitled “Inventors Need Carrots.”