Brad & Melinda Shepard

The Gyro Bowl™

Most parents are closet inventors.

Think about it. Parents are problem solvers. Parents are always trying to figure out ways to make products do more than they were originally designed to do.

So when Brad and Melinda’s little one spilled Cheerios all over the back seat of the minivan for the umpteenth time, lightning struck.

Mom Melinda described her “spill-proof bowl” concept to dad Brad, an engineer, and soon the NUO (No Uh-Oh) bowl was born!

Once in the hands of Everyday Edisons, Brad and Melinda’s “NUO Bowl” evolved into a lime green prototype that looked like something from outer-space! The Creative team rebranded it as “the Loopa Gyro Bowl,” and now Brad and Melinda’s spill-resistant invention swivels, dips and oscillates in all directions to keep snacks where they belong…in the bowl, not in the car, on the floor, or all over you! Its Reactive Balancing System utilizes a weighted inner bowl which rotates 360 degrees, keeping the dry snacks inside—no matter how little ones grab or turn it. Not only does this bowl make snack time a breeze for parents, its galactic design and bright colors are a hit with kids, too.

“Our Everyday Edisons experience—like the bowl—has been out of this world,” laughed Brad Shepard. Now this couple says they have the inspiration they need to pursue their countless other dreams and ideas.