Brent Anderson & Russ Stanziale

SnacDaddy™ Chicken Wing Tray

Best buddies Brent Anderson and Russ Stanziale put their heads together to come up with the idea for the Snacdaddy™, the serving tray featured on Everyday Edisons Season 1.

Brent and Russ have always had ideas for new and improved products, which is why an invention for chicken wings came to them so naturally while eating at their favorite wing restaurant one evening. The wheels began to turn as they observed a “disgusting pile of bones” left over after devouring a plate of the popular dish. They followed through on their creative concept for a new serving platter that would conceal chicken wing debris, and presented their papier-mâché prototype at the Atlanta, Ga., casting call on July 23, 2005.

The Everyday Edisons judges were easily convinced of the invention’s value when they learned that 10.5 billion wings had been sold in 2004 alone. There was certainly a need to be met in the booming chicken wing industry!

The finished SnacDaddy is a two-part serving tray with a volcano-shaped top, with an elevated central hole giving way to sloping sides. The wings are served around the ridged base of the tray. As wings are eaten, bones are dropped into the hole where they are hidden out of sight. When finished with the wings, the circular bottom half of the tray is removed and the bones dumped into the trash.

Now these two family guys are “kings of the chicken world” with an invention that will make the “bone problem” go down in history as a food faux pas of the past.

The SnacDaddy can be used to hide other “food debris,” such as rib bones, shrimp tails and appetizer toothpicks.