Brian Smith

Slow Pull Retractable Dog Leash | Orlando, Florida

Growing up in Rockledge, Florida, Brian Smith knew at a very early age that he had a love for inventing. “When I was four, I wanted to invent a device that could be attached to our rocking chair so it could rock by itself,” Brian said. Graduating from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Legal Studies, Brian went on to launch a career in real estate sales, not knowing that an unexpected chain of events would hoist him back into the love of inventing he enjoyed as a child.

Just a few days before his wedding, Brian was walking his dog while talking on his cell phone. Distracted by the phone call, he’d hardly noticed when his pet spotted another dog in the distance and took off running after it. With Brian hanging on to his pup’s retractable leash, the dog reached the end of the lead, sending a harsh tug through Brian’s already injured shoulder. While, fortunately, his shoulder was not dislocated, Brian continued to experience pain throughout his wedding and honeymoon. He quickly realized how dangerous retractable leashes could be and decided to seek out a solution. He began researching both online and in pet stores where he learned that not only had over 16,000 people been hospitalized the previous year from retractable leashes, but that there weren’t currently any solutions on the market; that’s when he decided to create one himself.

Brian had seen Everyday Edisons in the past, so he jumped at the chance to audition, seeing it as an opportunity to get his product to market without the obstacles that come with trying to do it alone.

Brian currently resides in Orlando, Fla. with his wife and the two dogs to whom he credits his invention. When he’s not inventing, he enjoys reading, traveling and watching educational TV programs.

“Do your homework thoroughly before pursuing an idea you may have and be very patient.”