Charlie Lumsden

Standup Paddle Machine | Maui, Hawaii

Born in La Jolla, Calif., Charlie Lumsden has always had a passion for the outdoors. He grew up in the small town of Vista, Calif., and played on the water polo team in high school. After graduation, Charlie moved to the coast to chase the waves at various surf spots, ignoring the advice of his father, a stone mason who told him to find a career with computers, “the way of the future.” Today, Charlie is still doing tile, marble and stonework, and says his father is probably laughing at him.

Charlie has had ideas for inventions all his life, but never the means to do anything with them. On a recent excursion to try paddle boarding, he discovered muscles he never knew he had and the idea for the dry-land version came to him. Charlie thought it would be ideal to be able to recreate a paddle boarding workout, with or without the ocean nearby. A friend recommended sister company, Edison Nation, as a starting place for his fitness machine, and Charlie submitted it to a search hosted on the website. With a cross-training element for professional athletes, or a low-impact setting ideal for physical therapy, Charlie’s stand-up paddle machine was a quick hit with the review team, which pegged it as a perfect fit for Everyday Edisons. The potential for growth is exponential, and Charlie is looking forward to seeing what the future holds as the product is brought to market.

Charlie currently lives in Maui, Hawaii, where he enjoys golfing, gardening, hiking, and when his dog insists on it, a trip to the beach for a swim and a wave.

“Get those ideas out of your head, and into a trustworthy place that can help you with them, from start to finish. Let them put your ideas in the marketplace, where they will benefit others. Aloha!”