Chuck Foley

The P.O. Barx™ Shredding Dog

The name Chuck Foley may not ring a bell, but odds are he’s made you smile. Foley is the co-inventor of the iconic American game, Twister™ — or Pretzel, as he called it when he pitched it to Milton-Bradley executives in 1965.

While Twister has gone on to sell tens of millions of units worldwide, Chuck was never able to cash in on the game’s success after walking away from a licensing deal he felt was unfair.

The holder of multiple patents and a lifetime inventor, Chuck has hundreds of ideas tucked away in his hip pocket, one of which he pitched at the first Everyday Edisons casting call in Charlotte, N.C.

The P.O. Barx Shredding DogFoley’s newest invention is a whimsical, child-friendly, child-operated toy shredder that will engage kids in the lost art of writing a simple letter.

Father of 10 and not a big fan of all the recent technological advances that have made communicating with each other “impersonal,” Foley wanted his invention to get kids back into writing mom, dad, Grandma or Grandpa a letter. As an “Everyday Edison,” Foley wasn’t looking for the proverbial “second chance” or big paycheck — he just hoped to be able to make you and your children smile again.

Everyday Edisons’ Industrial Design and Creative teams whittled his broad toy concept down to an interactive toy dog dubbed the “P.O. Barx Shredding Dog.” A militaristic toy geared toward children of men and women serving in the armed forces, P.O. Barx sits atop an army tank donning a combat helmet. Each P.O. Barx Shredding Dog comes with stationery for writing a message, which the child then sends through the toy dog’s mechanical jaws. After “encoding” the message, the child seals the shreds in an envelope and sends it off where mom or dad is stationed. After the letter is delivered, mom or dad must first “decode” its contents by piecing the shreds together before the secret message can be read!