Daniel Lentz

Aqua Paw | Venice, California

As an industrial designer, Daniel Lentz’s path to Everyday Edisons is not a far departure from his roots. Daniel, a Virginia native currently living in Venice, Calif. is an active guy with interests in mountain biking, surfing and soccer. He currently works as a bicycle and componentry designer at Giant Bicycles.

Daniel has always had a passion for building things and finding new, innovative ways to solve problems, so when he was challenged in college to solve a common household problem, he developed the beginnings of the Aqua Paw to address the chore of dog bathing. Realizing right away that he had stumbled upon a promising idea, he kept it in the back of his mind, and years later developed a mechanism to make the product possible. He then decided to audition for Everyday Edisons to help bring his concept to fruition.

Daniel hopes that Aqua Paw becomes a product that makes pet bathing easier and more enjoyable, for both the owners and their pets. Daniel’s journey as an inventor may make sense to some, given his roots in product design, but he insists he is an unconventional inventor; just a normal guy who enjoys finding new ways to make something.

“I hope viewers acquire the motivation and knowledge to possibly develop their own ideas into real products, or maybe just [develop] a real interest in product design in general.”