Dick Ho

“Precision Pour” Spill-Resistant Bottle | Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA.

Born in China and raised in Taiwan, Dick Ho is a retired aerospace engineer (specializing in heat transfer and thermodynamics) who immigrated to the United States in the early sixties and happily joined the Everyday Edisons “family” in June 2008. Though his spill-proof bottle was conceived 10 years ago, it wasn’t until an online Everyday Edisons-sponsored casting call that his dream of developing and marketing the product was realized.

Ho decided to find a better way to dispense liquids when he became frustrated attempting to pour engine oil and antifreeze into his car without toxic spillage or waste. Using basic physics to revolutionize technology, he designed a spill-resistant bottle, featuring a vacuum created by adjusting the nozzle to prevent spillage when pouring. With potential for a variety of applications, Ho’s invention holds promise to make a splashing debut with major beverage and container distributors.

Growing up with three brothers and three sisters, Ho was most inspired by his mother (still alive at 97 years old) who put so much loving care into each and every one of her children. Educated as an engineer with a focus on mechanical engineering in graduate school, he has a lifelong passion for inventive thinking. Tinkering with his hands and figuring out how things work led to the invention of a string of products and the completion of several prototypes to prove the concepts work. He currently has more than a dozen patents to his credit.

“Growing up in China, medicine was hard to get and it was very hard to take care of an illness. My mother did it with love and she inspired me.”

Ho would love to see his bottle invention put to good use by consumers one day and to have his name recognized in the bottle industry. Besides his chief hobby of inventing, he likes repairing and fixing broken things, gardening, stained glass, Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.