Eric Huber

Microwavable Steam Sponge | San Juan Capistrano, California

Eric Huber started two companies by his mid-twenties, tried his hand at being a soap opera star, appeared in print ads and commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola, owns a large parcel of land near the Grand Canyon to showcase his sustainability ideas, and even added on to his house to build his wife a room for her scrapbooking passion.

Eric Huber is by no means a boring person, and he joins this season of Everyday Edisons with a hope that his invention, the Microwavable Steam Sponge, will improve people’s lives and reduce the use of cleaning products with harsh chemicals.

Eric grew up in Oregon, where he lived until a family trip to Disneyland led him to promise his wife and kids they would move away from rainy Oregon to a sunshine-filled life in California (which he made good on less than a year later). Eric’s work history is varied and long (don’t forget the acting days!), but he credits his time spent as a traveling copier salesman as a key component to a lesson that dovetails nicely with inventing: learning to overcome rejection. Now he is Vice President at one of the country’s largest commercial playground and outdoor recreation rep companies. In his spare time, he enjoys looking at how things work (or don’t work) and making things in his workshop. His other activities all revolve around family: vacations with his wife, playing with his grandson at the park, going to the stables with his daughter and horse, playing ping-pong with his son and sailing with his parents.

Eric came to Everyday Edisons through creator and executive producer, Louis Foreman. After meeting Louis at an invention conference, Eric learned of Edison Nation (sister company to Everyday Edisons) and began submitting his invention ideas to the innovation searches the company holds online. Eric’s inventions and prototypes are often the result of an idea that springs to him while sitting in LA traffic or on an early morning walk. He is looking forward to watching the product development of his latest idea with the hope that it becomes a commercial success.

“Open your eyes and look at the world from different angles. Try to solve problems in unconventional ways. Observe others, read and think… we tend to live in our own bubbles and may be missing huge opportunities. Log everything, not just inventions, but also observations, interesting quotes and anything else that sparks your interest. Always do research before investing your own money. I have licensed products and have never spent more than a couple hundred dollars. Make sure there is a market for your product beyond your friends and family; remember they love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings… the consumer doesn’t care. Follow your dreams; just don’t mortgage everything to do it, especially if others are relying on you.”