Greg Bruce

Cardio Air Tubes | Galveston, Texas

Greg Bruce cites prayer as a source of inspiration for his fitness invention. Raising his two children with a small income was challenging, so Greg turned to prayer for guidance. That night, his idea for Cardio Air Tubes came to him and within 24 hours, he had a working prototype. Born in Chillicothe, Ohio, Greg Bruce works as a professional fence installer in Galveston, Texas, a career that began when he was 19 years-old and has progressed into his own business. He has been inventing for twenty years, first creating a room deodorizing device that attached to ceiling fans, and further imagining ideas while in electronics school. His Cardio Air Tubes device is an extension of his experience with fence installation. The initial design was to simply emulate the upper body exercise achieved by post-hole digging, and Greg has discovered, the invention process itself requires the same perseverance needed to get a post into the ground no matter the obstruction.

Greg discovered Everyday Edisons through Inventors Digest and is enjoying his adventure through the “new frontier of intellectual property,” as he compares Edison Nation (the parent company of Everyday Edisons) to California in the 1840’s, where Forty Niners pursued their dreams to find wealth in America’s uncharted frontiers. “Similar to their predecessors, these new frontiersmen and women don’t need a college degree, name or wealth. They just need a dream and a desire to work hard to achieve that dream,” he says.

“Failure is as much an ingredient of success as anything else. There are a finite number of failures between where you are now and your goals, so charge ahead with your experiments and ideas in order to get the failures out of the way as soon as possible. Determination and perseverance have also been key ingredients to the success of this product. When I needed a prototype, I made it myself. When I needed a patent I learned about the process and hired the right people for the job. When I needed encouragement, I exposed the product to the public. When I needed a demonstration video, I became a videographer. All of those steps presented potentially derailing challenges, but, they did not stop me from moving the ball forward, even sometimes at a snail’s pace.”