Herb Hart

“Total Wrench” Smart Wrench System | Sunnyvale, CA.

Herb Hart isn’t your run-of-the-mill retired teacher. As an active 87-year-old that spends most days frequenting the YMCA and his personal workshop, Herb’s nowhere close to retiring from “work.”

As a former arts and crafts teacher for students ranging from 7th grade up to junior college, Herb continues to work with his hands and create new products in his workshop spanning an entire third of his home. With a fellow teacher-friend as a partner, Herb has brought several games and inflatable toy balls to market.

The “Total Wrench” was just one of the dozens of tools Herb developed – but it was the gem that snagged him a featured inventor position on Everyday Edisons. Frustrated with the Germans for beating him to market with the “metwrench,” Herb was inspired to “one-up” them by inventing the dual wrench. The ingenious idea came to him randomly while cleaning up his workshop one day. As he held two wrenches together, Herb realized he could double the metwrench’s ability by increasing the number of hex nuts it could handle.

Beyond inventing, Herb has always been passionate about aviation. When he was just seven years hold he had the opportunity to ride in a carnival plane and decided right then and there he wanted be a pilot. He entered the Army Air Corps in February 1943 and graduated one year later with his prestigious Air Force wings. Herb went on to fly a twin engine C-47 during World War II and hauled troop equipment, natives and gravel to New Guinea under legendary Army General Douglas MacArthur. He remains an active member of the Air Force Retirement Group of WWII pilots.

These days Herb spends most of his time sorting through—and adding to—the old “idea file” as hundreds of ideas constantly churn away in his mind.