Jennifer Holloway

Workout 180 | Georgia

Born and raised in rural Georgia, Jennifer Holloway always knew deep-down that she was destined to make it big. The problem was, by her own admission, the only thing “big” about her in her early years was what garnered her the nickname “Wide-Load Waldroup.”

Inspired by others’ taunts, the heavy-set farm girl eventually became Miss Georgia and a popular local television news anchor admired by millions in Central Florida. So what happened to change the course of Jen’s life between adolescence and adulthood? Simple: she got moving! Jen determined to make physical fitness a priority in her life, and the decision paid off. But in her newfound quest to lead an active lifestyle, she quickly noticed that her joints were sore after repeated use of a popular step device – not her muscles. To remedy the problem, Jen simply put three sheets of high-density foam on top of her step — and her life changed! By adding instability to the step, Jen noticed her core muscles now became involved and her joints weren’t hurting anymore.

The Workout 180 Exercise SystemJen has high aspirations for the Workout 180 as it gets hearts pumping and muscles flexing across America!

Jen’s simple idea made her an “Everyday Edison” and now she hopes her revolutionary new exercise invention, the Workout 180, will help other people achieve their own dreams and goals.

The Workout 180 incorporates strength training, stability exercises and cardiovascular workouts in one easy-to-transport piece of equipment. It’s an exercise step, balance board, and push-up bar with a built-in resistance band system. The revolutionary band system allows for seven different levels of resistance on either a stable or unstable surface. By offering multiple intensity and resistance options, this new exercise device puts the “overload principle” into effect – whereby maximum fitness results are reached by consistently increasing the “load” placed on the muscles and varying the type of exercises performed.