Joe Casale

The Koku™ All-In-One Cutting Board

Most inventors are new to the game of inventing. Not so Joe Casale, an Industrial Designer who makes a living helping others design their inventive dreams. As Joe was cutting up vegetables on his kitchen counter, it struck him that there has to be a better way to cut, measure and distribute veggies and other food items. He put his pen to the paper and mapped out a blueprint for what he called “The Complete Cutting Board,” an innovative cutting board which would streamline several cooking necessities into one resourceful product.

Today Joe’s cooking gadget has taken shape as the Koku all-in-one cutting board – an integrated cutting board which combines various cooking functions into one compact, sleek design.

To help keep vegetable and meat preparation separate and sanitary, the Koku includes two double-sided cutting boards. While one cutting board is in use the other remains hidden, snapped into the tool’s base for storage. Removing the exposed cutting board reveals a built-in coarse and fine grater, vegetable and fruit slicer as well as conversion chart to make recipes easier to follow.

The Koku also features two removable side drawers which contain adjustable compartments to measure and separate ingredients. Chopped food can be whisked into either of the side drawers whose sliding wall catches at appropriate increments.

Looking back on the whole experience, Joe says he has fully enjoyed the luxury of Everyday Edisons developing his entire concept. It was a good change for this industrial designer who’s designed more than 200 products to date, including toys, games and office supply products. “Normally, I have to get in there and take it to the third decimal point,” said Joe. “That takes so much time and engineering. Now I’m just having fun with people.”