Jon Davis

HyprRims™ New Wheel Technology | Atlanta, GA

Many inventors toil for years with little success to show for their efforts. That’s not the case with Atlanta-native Jon Davis.

After telling his son he wasn’t going to spend a couple thousand dollars on “spinners,” the popular hub-caps that keep spinning after a car comes to a stop, Jon took a close look at his own oscillating printing press. A career screen printer, Davis had looked at his presses thousands of times, but this time he saw something different. He envisioned a hub-cap that not only spins, but oscillates at the same time.

HyprRims New Wheel TechnologySo Jon grabbed one of his oscillating printer cylinders and headed to an Everyday Edisons casting call. Jon’s invention turned out to be one of the biggest engineering challenges for the Everyday Edisons engineering team. The engineer’s needed to be able to ensure the product’s safety on a moving automobile while utilizing the oscillating motion of Jon’s new tire rim design. After developing and testing numerous prototypes, they finally arrived at the “HyprRims” new wheel technology. Watch out spinners! HyprRims are rolling on to the scene.