Jonathan Frank

“G-Car” Gradient Sensing Car | Los Gatos, CA.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Frank attended an unconventional grade school and bought his first car, a VW bug, at 14, and promptly nurtured his love for tinkering by rebuilding the engine. That was when he discovered what he most liked to do—and pursued a career path in mechanical engineering. After gaining a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Frank found himself honing his skills at a theme park special effects company. From there, he trekked through Walt Disney Imagineering, a simulator company and a wooden roller coaster company before a stint at the renowned Universal Studios. Presently working in the semi-conductor capitol equipment field, Frank’s work has never veered far from being creative and innovative.

Frank’s five-year-old son, Ethan, is his greatest inspiration and a continuous source of motivation, which led to the concept of the G-Car: a gradient-sensing car designed for boys 4-12. The customizable children’s toy features a modular gradient track with a selfpropelling racecar and adjustable sensor for speed.

“What could have been an idea left behind in the bedroom closet to collect dust may now become a full-on toy that provides entertainment and fun to the masses.”

Frank currently aspires to advance his inventing career, secure his son’s college fund and build a garage—no doubt to nourish his tinkering obsession.