Ken Joyner

Spot Extractor | Pasadena, California

Most people sit in stopped traffic and think about how slow it’s moving. Ken Joyner sits in stopped traffic on the Los Angeles freeways and dreams up his next invention. Ken has been inventing for over twenty years, and finding solutions to everyday problems is his specialty. A native of Los Angeles, Ken works in facilities management in Pasadena, Calif. and has managed computer-aided drafting and design departments at small architectural and engineering firms. Ken’s hobby is inventing, however, and he takes time to not only read independent inventor resources, but also to meticulously research his ideas and create prototypes for the viable products he invents. His inventions are not only practical, but also serve a greater purpose: to show his daughter that anyone can pursue their creative ideas with some determination, diligence and persistence.

Ken and his daughter were frustrated while housebreaking their new puppy, who, as puppies tend to do, was urinating on the carpet. Although paper towel blotting was the easiest method of clean-up, Ken found that it was not fool-proof and often left a smell behind. His Spot Extractor came as a solution to simply and easily clean up liquids from under and within the carpet. He found Everyday Edisons through Inventors Digest and is an active member of sister company, Edison Nation, an online community of inventors. Ken is looking forward to his story encouraging others to pursue their product concept ideas as his journey is followed by Everyday Edisons.

“I hope [the viewers] take away that persistence pays off, and much of the inventing that goes on in America is done by the “average” person and not necessarily professional, seasoned inventors. Realize that a simple idea to solve a simple problem… may have a solution which can ultimately be made into a successful product.”