Lynn McIntyre & Karen Madigan

The Kineta™ Stroller

Do-it-all moms Karen Madigan and Lynn McIntyre have been best friends since they can remember. They’ll even tell you that they were “the only altos in Junior High choir.” Through college, marriage, kids and careers, Karen and Lynn have remained close, which led them to collaborate on an invention idea.

Karen couldn’t figure out how to keep her youngest son, Kyle, content in a stroller. After brainstorming dozens of concepts, the dynamic duo had a “eureka moment” why not combine an activity saucer with a stroller so a child can stand up, spin and explore or sit and rest? Karen and Lynn invested several years, countless hours and thousands of dollars just to have their idea designed before becoming Everyday Edisons inventors.

Today their stroller has been rebranded as “the Kineta,” and it gives children the freedom to wiggle, spin and bounce as long as their boundless energy can sustain them. A unique rotating arm gives the child a 360-degree view and lets them move about to their heart’s delight. With a revolving seat that locks into place, strollerbound children can see the park from a whole new perspective…keeping kids content and parents from pulling their hair out!

Karen and Lynn hope their finished product is just the happy beginning to a long life for the Kineta.