Maria Pistiolis

Korbie™ All-In-One Baby Bag

Maria Pistiolis is a professional seamstress and a delightful grandmother of 10 from Charlotte, N.C.

Maria utilized her expert skills to develop a concept that struck her one day in the airport as she observed her daughter, Voula, struggling to juggle a baby, a purse, a diaper bag and a suitcase through the crowded terminal. Not long after the encounter, Maria awoke in the middle of the night to craft her invention that would help moms everywhere manage outings with their babies. After a week of work on the sewing machine, she presented a combination purse — complete with bassinet, diaper bag and changing table — to her daughter Voula.

Eventually she took her patent-pending prototype to the Everyday Edisons crew, and they helped to carry her concept on to completion as the fashionable, useful bag known today as the Korbie™ all-in-one baby bag.

KorbieNow the Korbie features an elegant saddlebag design which offers plenty of space for diapers, bottles and other baby essentials. And as the baby grows, the removable bassinet can be permanƒently set aside, allowing the bag to “grow up” with the child. Finally, mothers and fathers alike can enjoy parenthood like the stylish, sophisticated and organized parents they aspire to be.