Mark & Cody Fox

Improved Textbook Covers | Charlotte, NC

In his freshman year math class, Cody Fox found a solution. It was not the answer to some Algebra equation or Geometry proof, but rather a solution that would save he and his schoolmates from being charged hefty fines for damages to their textbooks. Cody’s idea, combined with additional suggestions from his brother, Mark, landed both of the Fox brothers a spot on Everyday Edisons. The two high school students from Charlotte, NC., traveled across the country to the San Diego, CA., casting call to present their plastic-infused book cover prototype to the Everyday Edisons product experts. Their version combined a traditional cloth book cover with protective, hard plastic edges so it would not only prevent pen and pencil marks, but also have the ability to stave off wear and tear damage to the spine and edges. While the Fox brothers merely set out to save themselves a few hundred dollars in damaged book fines, they ended up making major improvements on the design of a product used daily in schools nationwide. After high school, Cody and Mark hope to attend universities where they can spread the better book cover fever.