Mary Kisko & Lisa Glickstein

Arm Cuff Leash | New Jersey

Before Mary Kisko and Lisa Glickstein ever thought of teaming up to develop their invention for man’s best friend, Mary was Lisa’s charge nurse and first mentor as a Professional Registered Nurse in New Jersey. When Mary decided she wanted to invent a dog leash that fit on the upper arm modeled after a blood pressure cuff, Lisa came to her aid.

Eight years ago Mary came up with the idea as she was power walking her late dog, Marla. As Mary swung her arms, she kept smacking Marla with the leash. She tried sliding the handle loop above her elbow to reduce the movement, but the loop slid off easily, prompting her to come up with a better way to hold the leash steady on the upper arm…and that’s how the blood pressure cuff came to mind.

It was Mary’s son, Clayton, who encouraged his mom to pursue the idea by trying to obtain a patent. Lisa joined Mary in the project and came up with the idea to use a bungee cord for leash material and helped to draw an easy-to-conceptualize three-dimensional design.

Through the process, the two nurses found that the patent process isn’t the only hurdle in the development process. Actually getting the product on store shelves is quite the challenge too. They decided to seek help from Everyday Edisons and attended the January casting call in Washington, D.C. Now as “Everyday Edisons” they have the opportunity to see their little project come to life and eventually used by active dog walkers and owners.