Mary LaValley, Pam Hester & Deborah Mance

The Arccivo™ Scrapbooking Portfolio

Fellow scrapbooking best friends Mary LaValley, Pam Hester and Deborah Mance are also the inventors that developed the Arccivo™, the new patent-pending scrapbooking portfolio featured as one of the star inventions in the Everyday Edisons television show.

The women and their scrapbooking invention were discovered at the Charlotte, N.C., casting call on June 18, 2005. These super-busy women, all from Huntersville, N.C., met nearly five years ago through their children. But the common thread that has bonded them together—and also kept them in close contact—is their love for scrapbooking. This hobby has allowed them a guilt-free “escape” from home since scrapbooking involves documenting their family memories for their families.

ArccivoThe three friends developed the concept for the Arccivo after attending a number of weekend scrapbooking conventions. They all realized they could use a way of marking their territory and securing their new layouts when it was time to transition from one project to the next.

To remedy their problems, they created a portfolio-shaped case that opens like a book and provides two work surfaces for crafting layouts.

They brought their rough prototype to the Everyday Edisons casting call, and since then it has been transformed into a must-have tool for scrapbooking wizards and novices alike. Removable magnetic sheets cover and protect unfinished pages, locking loose paper, photos and embellishments in place. Zipping the case shut protects the layout and makes it easy to transport in-progress pages safely and securely. Their invention is an elegant and fashionable solution to both problems that countless scrapbookers all face.

The Arccivo can also be used to protect other types of designs—quilting, jewelry making, card making and other paper-related crafts.

Mary is a wife, mother of three and a pharmacist. Pam is a wife, mother of two and marketing manager for a global professional services firm. Deborah is also a wife, a mother of two and holds a marketing position with a large pharmaceutical company.