Michael Diep

Emery Cat | Orange County, CA

Adversity is no stranger to Michael Diep, whose determination has allowed him to overcome all odds to bring him where he stands today. A full-time business consultant who has tinkered with inventions for the past eight years, Michael finally got his chance to bring the first of his products to market when he presented his cat claw duller prototype at the Everyday Edisons casting call in San Diego on Feb. 24, 2007. Since Michael’s day is filled by his work, taking his cat to the veterinarian every couple of weeks to clip its nails was quickly becoming a burdensome chore. With no time to spare for even this simple task, he decided to create a solution. Michael developed a cat jungle-gym which featured a post covered in sandpaper to file down the cat’s nails as it plays.

Things have not always been easy for Michael, who at the age of seven escaped with his family by boat from Vietnam to take refuge in Indonesia for two years. The Dieps later immigrated to the United States in 1980. The challenges and hardships Michael has faced have driven him to be successful as a consultant and hopefully as an inventor, or as he sees himself, a problem solver. The Everyday Edisons judges saw potential in his cat claw duller invention and have set the team of product development professionals to work. Michael hopes cat lovers and their furniture alike will welcome his cat claw duller.