Phil Avery

Foldable Baking Pans | Bethlehem, PA.

As the youngest of six children growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Phil Avery quickly learned to be independent and explore the world on his own terms. A man of many interests, and endowed with a keen eye for art, he decided early on to pursue graphic design, earning a BFA in Communications Design from Kutztown University. Avery credits his father, a welder who rose above hardships in life with strength and spirit, as his biggest inspiration. Currently employed as a subcontractor (with the soul of an artist), Avery loves inventing and is always coming up with ideas that might make something work better or make life a little easier. It comes as no surprise that he recently fulfilled a lifelong dream to fly when he became a P2 paraglider pilot.

While in the kitchen, annoyed by the clutter of so many pots and pans, Avery hit on the idea of an innovative baking product, which would be a godsend for busy bakers in crowded kitchens. He thought he was onto something special and attended the Everyday Edisons casting call in Providence, R.I, on May 17, 2008. After sailing through to the final rounds that day, Avery was selected for the series and would soon be showcasing his compact baking pan set on-air.

The baking pan set features traditionally sized baking pans with the ability to fold down, easily storing in crowded kitchen cabinets or drawers, and taking up much less space than comparably sized regular pans. The set also features silicone bonding, which readily releases baked goods and allows for easy clean up. The foldable baking pan set is unique and stands out in a sea of similar commercial housewares and kitchen products. The pans are intended to maximize limited storage space and make for a more enjoyable baking experience.

“Inventing is so much fun, and I love the challenge of it. I always say it doesn’t matter if it gets made or not. Rather, it’s the trying, contemplating and tinkering that I love.”

Married with three children, Avery admits making it to the Everyday Edisons show wasn’t his ultimate goal. Rather, Avery wanted someone other than just himself and his family to see value in and appreciate his ideas. Through his experience in developing his innovative baking idea, Avery hopes to teach his family how to appreciate the simple things and show them that they can do anything if they put their minds to it.