Rebecca Byler

The Edugrader™ Grading Pen | Nashville, TN

A career teacher who’s taught every age group over the course of 27 years, Rebecca Byler admits that while her passion for teaching hasn’t changed, what’s being demanded of teachers has. Piles of paperwork have kept this Nashville native—and countless other teachers—from focusing on what’s really important in the classroom: teaching!

Tired of the old slide grader that has been used to grade papers for decades, Rebecca came up with the idea for an electronic pen that would keep track of right and wrong answers, as well as calculate the grade. So, taking a generic pen and a Sharpie®, Rebecca was off to an Everyday Edisons casting call.

With the Everyday Edisons design, branding and engineering teams working in unison, Rebecca’s rudimentary prototype has been transformed into a high-tech, sleek new tool perfect for time-crunched teachers. Rebecca hopes her grading pen will get high marks from tired teachers looking for a way to lighten the grading load!

Teaching is a substantial part of Rebecca’s life. Not only has she taught for 27 years, but her two older sisters are career teachers and her husband, Jud, is a Special Education teacher, too! Rebecca currently teaches 6th Grade Special Education at Gra Mar Middle School in Metro Nashville Davidson County.

Being camera shy, Rebecca considers her on-air adventure with Everyday Edisons an “out-of-body experience,” which has strengthened her self esteem. She aspires to invent other products and credits her children, Ben Byler and Liz Byler-Shea, as her biggest inspiration and greatest joy.