Richard Kosoff

“Dimmy the Turtle” Nightlight | Woodland Hills, CA.

Richard Kosoff attributes his sense of humor about life to growing up in funky Philadelphia. As a boy, he admired his uncle, “the inventor” in the family—whose efforts to dissuade his nephew from following in his path fell on deaf ears. After settling into a career in finance by chance, he was soon on his way to creating solutions to everyday dilemmas. One day, Kosoff decided to design something for kids afraid of the dark that was fun, yet would help dissolve their fears, and the idea for “Dimmy the Turtle” was born.

“The idea for the night light was inspired by my four-year-old son’s bedtime plea, ‘Leave the lights on, Dad.'”

From his California home, Kosoff heard about the Everyday Edisons casting call in nearby San Jose on February 16, 2008, and resolved to attend and present his idea to the judges. He made it to the final rounds, was selected for the show, and the innovative light-dimming system for kids was well on its way. Coincidentally, another invention for Season Three meshed well with Kosoff’s product. Kosoff’s nightlight dimming technology can easily be paired with the “Image Projection Night Light” invented by Stan Black, creating a way to view popular imagery from Disney, NASCAR and others.