Sheldon Levinson

Bubble Machine | San Diego, CA

Sheldon Levinson loves to tinker in the garage. Inventing success finally hit when he ended a long day of tinkering with favorable results—mounds of growing bubbles! Although Sheldon’s wife could never seem to understand why he was up to his elbows in liquid soap, the seventh prototype of his playful bubble maker landed him a spot on the second season of Everyday Edisons. Sheldon created a bubble machine that would allow the bubbles to maintain their shape as they grew and multiplied in and around a tube. Sheldon brought his prototype to the final Season Two casting call in San Diego, and had the judges bubbling with excitement about bringing his machine to market.

Sheldon, a Philadelphia native, had his first taste of designing as a teenager. When his father’s friend set out to transform a large ballroom into a disco, Sheldon’s dad recommended he go to his creative son for help. Sheldon designed “The Tunnel”, a disco with parachutes on the ceiling, a color organ design and a black light, flashing tunnel entry. Besides inventing, Sheldon has dabbled in the recreational industry, buying and selling motor homes with La Mesa RV Center, Inc., on and off for 10 years. Before entering the industry, Sheldon was an entrepreneur who started a lighting supply business owned and operated by his family. Sheldon received a Master’s degree in Human Behavior from The United States International University (USIU) in San Diego, Calif., where he now resides. In his free time Sheldon loves to go to the movies and travel, and he’ll tell you that some of his best vacations were won as sales incentives.

Although bubbles have been around for centuries, Sheldon hopes his bubble machine will bring as much joy to those who play with it as it has brought him in creating it.