Stan Black

“Night Beams” Image Projection Nightlight | Richmond, VA.

Stan Black brought the first Krispy Kreme Express to Richmond, Virginia, a delivery service for the delectable doughnuts. In addition, Black has been known to chase away the dark demons from children’s bedrooms with his unique image projection system. A father of three, Black conceived “Night Beams,” which when used with night lights, provides a way for youngsters afraid of the dark to be soothed to slumber with images of comforting characters or heroes reflected on their bedroom walls. The system works by sliding images into a night light plugged into an outlet and is designed to work particularly well with the nightlight control system, Dimmy the Turtle, devised by “Everyday Edison” Richard Kosoff.

“My parents are my idols and have set a bar in life that I can only dream of reaching.”

No stranger to entrepreneurial start-ups, Black became a member of the working force when he was just 12 years old. Today, Black has a diverse corporate background in financial and consumer services.