Stan Gioia

Drywall T-Square

When retired New York City firefighter Stan Gioia sets his mind to something, he never quits. This Sumter, S.C., resident became an “Everyday Edison” after experiencing the pain of rejection from every tool company he had petitioned for help in licensing his invention.

Years of experience with scoring and mounting drywall is what led Stan to develop his new spin on an old carpentry tool, the T-Square.

As a firefighter on the job for 48 hours straight, he had lots of spare time during the remainder of the week to hone his handyman skills.

Stan enjoyed carpentry work, but oftentimes became agitated with his inability to score straight lines when attempting to cut drywall. He couldn’t ignore the agitation, and developed an improved tool that’s specifically designed for this difficult task.

Even though several companies turned Stan away, he believed his invention was a valuable tool that the construction industry needed.

Stan’s wife, Valeska, first learned about the August 14, 2005, casting call because of a live news report she just happened to see while channel flipping that Saturday morning. Valeska encouraged him to grab his prototype and rush to the audition in Columbia, S.C.

Stan impressed the Everyday Edisons judges with his patented and improved T-Square, called the “Easy Read Cross Boarder,” which would allow for consistently straight, vertical cuts when scoring and mounting drywall.

Today, Stan not only thanks his relentless drive to succeed, but also his wife, Valeska, for his experience as an Everyday Edisons inventor.