Steve Marquardt

“Advanced Tool System” Adjustable Torque Tool System | Rhinelander, WI.

The youngest of nine children, Marquardt grew up in a “do-it-yourself” family. His dad worked two jobs and they built their own houses in their spare time, as well as operated their own sawmill. After completing high school in only three years, Marquardt went after a degree in inspection testing and worked in that field for several years before revving up for a career as a machinist. He currently designs and builds fixtures and tooling for Harley-Davidson USA.

A self-taught technical and patent writer (with three patents so far), Marquardt came up with the idea for a specialized tool system as he was performing an expensive, labor-intensive repair on his car. He discovered a way to do it himself by disassembling and reassembling parts to get at the fasteners. Years later, while working on military equipment, the same predicament came up, and his enhanced version of a tool system was conceived. Next step, to Chicago, for the Everyday Edisons casting call on April 17, 2008, where Marquardt impressed the judges with his technique that utilizes new torque-adjusting technology for a stand-alone system of tools, condensed and simplified as an “add-on” product for existing tools. His goal with the invention was to maximize on the torque-changing capability.

“My mom and dad inspired me by showing me that if you want something, you work for it. If you need something and it doesn’t exist, you make it yourself.”

Marquardt, father of four, enjoys woodworking, carpentry, fishing, hunting and is also a talented pianist. He’d love to retire early from his day job, start his own R&D firm and take a real family vacation with his wife and kids. Following in dad’s footsteps, his oldest son is in college studying engineering and robotics.