Ted Tomaiuolo

The Speed Bandage | Hartford, CT.

Retired Air National Guardsmen Ted Tomaiuolo of Hartford, CT., has worked to be an inventor his entire life. Technically he’s retired, but with more than 15 patents to his name you could consider Ted a full-time inventor. At the age of 18, Ted was accepted into the Air National Guard and served for the next 23 and a half years, including a stint abroad as an aircraft crew chief during the Korean War. After returning from Korea, Ted began inventing. To help pay for his patents, he opened a part-time welding shop and began working on aircraft, spacecraft and U-boat components.

The invention which landed Ted on Season Two of Everyday Edisons is unrelated to his military experience, but serves to make his daily life a bit less messy. Ted, like many Americans, has diabetes. He has to prick his finger several times a day to test his blood glucose levels. At times, he would bleed badly, but by the time he removed the bandage from its packaging to apply it, he would already have a mess. To remedy the messy problem, he developed “the speed bandage” which easily dispenses bandages off of a spool. He hopes his invention will revolutionize bandage packaging and save countless others from having to deal with the same predicament.