Maura Indes and Tom Adam

Disposable Litter Box | Carefree, Arizona

Maura Indes, a licensed cosmetologist and a licensed real estate agent, is not your typical inventor. However, she is very creative, and enjoys coming up with solutions to everyday problems. Her twin boys consume most of her time, but the family’s pets (two dogs, a cat, and a desert tortoise) were what inspired her patented move into the world of professional inventing.

One day, Maura’s gray tabby, Vincent, was giving his dirty litter box a disgusted stare and she was dreading the prospect of scrubbing the box out and taking the contents to the trash bin. This led to Maura’s light bulb moment to create a pre-packaged, disposable litter box, and Vincent meowed in encouragement. She created her first prototype with an empty milk carton, and hopes that the final version of her product will become a commercial success (along with making life more enjoyable and easier for cat lovers).

Maura’s husband, Tom Adam helped move the Disposable Litter Box from idea to prototype, researching the market potential, materials and making design modifications, and they found Everyday Edisons through sister company, Edison Nation, while looking for guidance on how to proceed with the invention.

Maura said:

“I would encourage people to pursue their creative dreams, understanding that an invention starts with an idea, a seed which must be nurtured to maturity, and above all, not to be discouraged by rejection (our original patent application was denied). As Alexander Graham Bell said, ‘when one door closes, another door opens…'”

Tom added:

“[I would tell viewers] that the process is a long, hard and amazing journey that is best not taken alone; but pursuing your dreams is an incredible experience especially with the Everyday Edisons team behind you.”