Wendy Hampton

Merriam-Webster’s Befudiom™ Party Game

Inventor Wendy Hampton of Lawrenceville, Ga., never intended to develop the next best-selling game. This dual full-time credit and collections manager and single mom just wanted to create something educational and fun that she could play with her daughter, Taylor.

When her then-ten-year-old daughter came to her and proclaimed that she was “totally bored,” the two sat down on the floor and wound up with an idea for a board game about idioms—those quirky phrases and slang terminology we all use daily, but whose meanings aren’t deductible from the makeup of the individual words.

Soon Wendy was staying up late at night—every night—developing content and gathering thousands of idioms, such as “kick the bucket,” for the family fun game known today as Merriam Webster’s Befudiom™.

Three years later as Hampton was driving to work one morning, she heard an announcement about the Atlanta casting call on the radio and decided to give it a whirl. The cat sure got Wendy’s tongue when the Everyday Edisons judges selected her game as a Season 1 invention!

Befudiom combines America’s favorite party games with its favorite idioms to help players of all ages uncover the meanings behind those “befuddling” phrases. Whether it’s acting, drawing, shouting or spelling the idiom, participants get the chance to have fun while taking an educational ride through the world of idioms.