Will Howe & Ric Payne

Mister Steamy | Indianapolis, IN.

Will Howe and Ric Payne are longtime friends who co-own the Wild Beaver Saloon, with its first location in Indianapolis, and have even starred in their own independent film together, Back Home Again. While contemplating an enormous pile of laundry at Ric’s house, Will noticed a load of wrinkled clothes that had been in the dryer for quite a while. Driving home, he recalled how his mom used to throw in a wet towel to help refresh a dryer load, which got the ball rolling toward a concept for a dryer gadget to significantly reduce wrinkling. With Payne joining in, they designed a core sponge to add moisture through pistons with holes drilled in them, keeping in mind the sponge needed to be housed inside a strong yet soft exterior shell to beat against the already dry clothes. The product also helps prolong the life of clothing by reducing the number of washes. “Mr. Steamy” became a reality when Howe and Payne attended the Everyday Edisons casting call in Atlanta on January 12, 2008, and were chosen to appear on the show with their invention.

“Who inspired me most? My mother! Single mom, three kids… and she did it all. She is now a successful businesswoman.” – Will Howe

One might think Howe has an unlikely background as the inventor of a household item. Studying theater in college prepared him for a career as a cable TV actor (West coasters with a sharp eye may have spotted him as the “cable guy” for a prominent cable company). Will has also appeared, via the magic of technology, in a beer commercial with John Wayne. Currently a bachelor, Will describes his occupation as a restaurateur and barkeeper.

“It’s not what life presents — it’s how and what we present to life. That’s what you get out of it.” – Ric Payne

The youngest of three brothers, Ric Payne has built a flourishing career in the nightclub and restaurant business. Also an actor, Payne has appeared in more than 50 commercials and feature films.