William Pitt

Skate Scepter | San Diego, CA.

William Pitt has always wanted to be MacGyver. He may not have been able to make his invention out of a Swiss Army Knife, watch and duct tape, but this season of Everyday Edisons will prove that William is just as resourceful as MacGyver. Although he has made various career transitions, having been everything from an airplane mechanic to a real estate agent, William’s love for inventions and adventures remains unchanged since childhood. From backpacking with his parents in the mountain wilderness at age three, to personally designing and building a human power vehicle replica of Batman’s Batmobile to compete in the “Great Kinetic Sculpture Race,” William never stops.

William’s invention idea occurred to him while watching a neighbor trim his yard with a weed whacker. He thought that by attaching a wheel, instead of the trimming string to the end of the weed wacker, he could motorize anything else that was on wheels, too. William developed his concept and coined it the “Skate Scepter,” which could propel a person on a skateboard, in-line skates or anything with wheels without ever having to push. So William brought his Skate Scepter to the Season Two Everyday Edisons casting call in San Diego, CA., on Feb. 24, 2007. He hopes his Skate Scepter will have the wind ripping through every skateboarder’s hair on those days when they just don’t feel like having to push.