Season 6 Casting Update

Online casting for Season 5 has closed. Sign up for a free account at Edison Nation and we will email you when Season 6 casting begins.

In addition to online casting calls, you’ll also find many other companies who are looking for great ideas at Edison Nation. There’s no need to wait until 2013 to start commercializing your ideas. Go to Edison Nation now and get started!

About This Season

Everybody has a great idea that could change the way we work, the way we live or the way we play. Sometimes these ideas never make it past a sketch on a napkin. From thousands of hopefuls screened through online casting calls on, ten ideas were selected for the fourth season of Everyday Edisons. Tune in as we take you from idea to store shelf and show how extraordinary ideas can come from ordinary people.

This Season’s “Everyday Edisons”

Inventors are an unlikely — and unassuming — bunch. By day you’d recognize them as your neighbor, child’s teacher, local business owner or friend that bails you out of your overambitious DIY projects. Here are just a few of the “Everyday Edisons” we have in Season 4.

Mark Stark

Everyday Edison Mark Start

When Mark Stark’s friend turned down a friendly card game because he couldn’t hold the cards with his prosthetic hook, he took it upon himself to create an affordable, functional prosthetic — suitable for card-playing, guitar strumming, and simple everyday tasks.

Brian Smith

Everyday Edison Maura Indes

A dog walking-related accident left Brian Smith with an aching shoulder―and a desire to do something to prevent other owners from injuries because of their beloved, yet often excitable dogs.

Faramarz Farahi

Everyday Edison Faramarz Farahi

This physics professor took his research out of the lab and applied it to fabric. See how Dr. Farahi’s innovation changes the landscape of alternative energy.

Simply Extraordinary

These are all examples of “Everyday Edisons” — ordinary people with simple solutions for the everyday problems we all face. Their ingenious inventions ease life’s complexities, make everyday processes more efficient and make our lives more enjoyable.

Some of our “Everyday Edisons” got started by submitting their ideas to Edison Nation, and took off from there. Present your ideas to companies who are actively seeking innovation and learn more about the invention process from industry experts.